Companies are wasting a lot of money on their print expenses.

Many of our assessments have shown that companies are wasting 20% to 30% on print related costs. We guarantee that when you carefully examine this expense you will be shocked!


  • We noticed that many documents are printed in color at an average cost of 9 cents per page when black and white is averaging 1.5 cents per page.
  • We noticed that many customers order more printers and supplies than they actually need.
  • We noticed that documents are often printed when there is absolutely no need.
  • We noticed that many documents get printed when they could just simply be shared online or emailed.
  • We noticed that lots of documents get printed accidentally and no one takes ownership.
  • The list goes on.....

It’s time to take control of the waste and to increase profits.

Datarite’s Managed Print Services assessment process can give you the cold hard facts to make educated decisions to win back this over expenditure and put those savings on your bottom line.

We can optimize any business, large or small, with solid analysis of your print environment and at the same time deliver the best secure print technology available in today’s market.


Managed Print Services

Before Floor Plan.JPG

40 Printers

  • 50% of IT help desk calls are printer related
  • Unknown spending on printing costs can be as much as 15% of total expenses
  • On average the typical office has 1.5 printers per person
  • Printers are everywhere and improperly managed 

Managed Print Service

After Floor Plan.JPG

20 printers

  • Reduced IT support to allow focus on more important operational issues
  • Ability to see and manage printing costs resulting in as much as a 30% reduction
  • Strategically placed devices to improve efficiency throughout  
  • Consolidate print vendor and standardize print fleet
  • Improve workflow and streamline business practices

Secure Monitoring

Datarite securely monitors your print equipment. We efficiently deliver supplies when they are needed, no more stock piling!  Our maintenance program addresses any service and repair issues reducing all downtime. We arrange for free pick up of all your empty supplies and ensure proper environmental recycling. Worry free!


Managed Print Consulting

Datarite consults with you to improve document workflows, reduce unnecessary printing and drive superior productivity. Security, Streamlining and Automation are all part of this efficient program.